MR Saghafian studied BA Computer Science at Azad University. Started his career as a computer programmer and prior to becoming CEO of Tosan Ofogh (2015), Mr Saghafian was a planning manager, executive manager and product manager in various IT based companies.

Mostafa Saghafian

Chief Executive Officer

BSc, Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University
Dr. Mousavi has received a PhD with honours in Economics from University of Southampton. Dr. Mousavi is a professor of Economics at Khatam University, focusing on quantitative methods in Economics and Behavioural Finance. Dr Mousavi is responsible for managing Tosan Ofogh ’s research, in order for there to be new investment strategies.

Mahdi Mousavi

Chairman and Head of Research

PhD, Economics, University of Southampton
Mr Abdollahabadi received BA in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tabriz and a Master's in Financial Management from Khatam University. Prior to join Tosan Ofogh , Mr Abdollahabadi was a freelance trader at Forex for two years. He began his career in a different industry and was working as a mechanical parts designer in a private company for 5 years.

Ahmad Abdollahabadi

Fund Manager

MA, Economics, Khatam University
Mrs Naderi has completed her Bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Engineering at Sharif, University of Technology. She is now in a PhD student in Computer Engineering at Sharif, University of Technology. Mrs Naderi’s main responsibility in the company is to create platforms for automating stock trading and reporting portfolios.

Mona Naderi

Data Analyst

MSc, Software Engineering, Sharif University of Technology
Ms. Etminan has been alongside the team since the company’s establishment in 2014 as a financial and valuation analyst, which then she was later promoted to as Tosan Ofogh ’s portfolio manager. Ms. Etminan has received her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics. Also, Ms. Etminan collaborates with her team of researchers and analysts to identify opportunities and design investment solutions considering market conditions and economic trends.

Sara Etminan

Portfolio Manager

MA, Economics, Khatam University