Extensive and Diversified Trading Strategies

We are continuously utilizing the most advanced and latest strategies to achieve high returns with low risk ratios. In order to reach our goal, we take advantage of a broad array of asset classes available in financial markets such as stock derivatives, ETFs, interest rates, bonds, exchange rates, and commodity-linked derivative instruments.

Oil & Gas Industry Portfolio

Our team of petroleum engineers analyse every detail given in news released by the company in order to estimate the amount of reserves and resources that the company holds.

Universal Fundamental Hedging

Fully hedged

Zero Correlation


Real-time News Analysis

Analysis and calculation of fundamental elements.

  • News can have significant impact on stock market prices. Finding out these impacts before their occurrence is vital to our business.
  • They play an important role in fundamental analysis and can help us analyze companies’ behaviour over time, and predict their future price in a volatile stock market.
  • Machine Learning algorithms can be run to detect relative news and predict their impact on the market.

Therefore, we need news both for fundamental analysis and machine learning algorithms

BERT Learning Algorithm

  • BERT algorithm is used to embed news to unique vectors in a multidimensional space.
  • With Support Vector Machine classification, identical or similar news will be classified.