Tosan Ofogh Hezareh

Founded in 2014, an investment management company seeking to pursue a diverse array of investment strategies across S&P 500 Index, oil and gas sectors.

Our data scientists, financial modellers and economists consistently improve their work by relying on the vast amount of news and data collected from well-known agencies. By constantly pursuing this trajectory and other ideas, they have been able to create an optimal path for safe and secure investment.

Our company is a collection of capable experts in these fields who are all on the track to excellence. Tosan Ofogh was based on the idea that innovation is the only way to maximise profits. So, to achieve this there needs to be collaboration between a group of talented, hardworking and motivated people.

Statistical Arbitrage

Fundamental Valuation

Fixed Income Strategies

News Trading Strategy

Quantitative Trading Strategies

High Frequency Trading