Investment Management

About Us

Tosan was established in 2014 by a group of economists and mathematicians with the purpose of modeling the stock market in order to be able to trade via algorithmic trading. Our main mission is to constantly model financial markets with new Scientific methods.

We aim to find new opportunities in stock trading using Heterogeneous Agent Models and complex algorithmic programs and applying them to high-frequency trading.

Our investment management firm seeks to pursue diversified investment strategies with exceptional outcomes and returns.


Our Experiences

  • 01 March 2018

    Heterogeneous agent model
    Behavioral model
  • 02 July 2018

    Statistical Arbitrage model
    PCA and Deep learning
    Other Machine learning algorithms
  • 03 Jan 2019

    Mean Reversion combined with fundamental features
  • 04 June 2019

    High-frequency trading
    Order book analysis
    Rapid News detection service.
  • 05 Sep 2019

    Hiring oil experts and petroleum engineers
  • 06 Jan 2020

    Forecasting report indices
    Cash flow modeling
  • 07 April 2020

    Calculating real-time fundamental price
  • 08 Present

    High Frequency Fundamental Trading Model
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